Monday, December 20, 2004

Sharks and stuff

Adelaide's local parochial newspaper The Advertiser has a feed back section I read it today, I rarely do, I was reminded why.
Recently an 18 year man was taken by a shark of an Adelaide beach. The response to this has been fifty/fifty. Half of the respondants understand the situation and say leave the shark alone; the other half are a bunch of loosers.
The man's father has said that the shark does not deserve to die. If you really want to live on this planet, you have to take risks. You can remain inside your home, order you supplies over the phone, but you risk them not coming, or being wrong. If you go out you risk injury and death.
Everything we do has an inherent risk, we cannot eliminate it all, but that's the point. At all times we weigh up the risks against the advantages, "Is it worth the risk?" we ask ourselves. If it's worth it, then we do it, if not we don't, and each one of us is different in what we accept. Now consider that none of those useless morons who want to kill the shark want to ban cars, alcohol or tobacco and more people are killed by these every year then shark.
Lets start by removing the real threats to life and limb; Wars, John W. Howard, George W. Bush, Cars, Drugs(Of all sorts), Ozone depleting chemicals, Water, Earth, Trees, Oxygen, Fire, Electricity, Religion, Dogs; the list goes on and on. All of these are way above shark.


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