Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Things to remember

1) Never try to put lazy loader into daomedge. Honestly! I've tried three times now and each time I come across another section that will be compromised if I did. I should remember that I wrote it to be simple and for the user to handle the persistence. I don't want the value objects to know about the DAO. The DAO is transient.

2) The company that we get our system from hasn't got a clue! I have spent a large amount of my time trying to find the link between a data table and a reference table. It doesn't seem to exist, anywhere. Reference information on a data table. Important information used in calculations stored in a FREE TEXT FIELD! What the hell are they thinking? They haven't heard of normalization or any other data design concept.

I need a drink.

As a footnote: I am loving the inline spell checker in Firefox 2.0!


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