Sunday, April 10, 2005

WMD, Osama bin Laden

Tony Blair is using the relative success of the Iraqi democratic process to justify his actions. George W. is doing the same thing.

This is bullshit! These two went into Iraq as part of their war on terror and to stop Saddam Hussein using his weapons of mass destruction. Saddam didn't have weapons of mass destruction, the war on terror is focused, or should be focused, on Osama bin Laden, who has nothing to do with Saddam.

The end justifies the means?

If Blair et al. had gone into Iraq with the sole purpose of liberating the Iraqi people, and had the support of the Iraqi people, things would be different. He didn't, they aren't.

The war on terror is a perpetual war, one with no solid enemy, one with no way of defining victory and, more importantly, one that you can use to justify all sorts of draconian activities at home.

Iraq is far from liberated, it is, at least, on the right path, but what of the cost?

The US and the UK went in with guns blazing, all gung ho, macho bullshit. They had no plan for the invasion, and no real objectives for while they are there.

The only objectives where "address the WMD threat" and the only plan was "go to Iraq", it is not enough.

George W. will not re-elected, Tony Blair should not be re-elected.

The sad thing is, as an Australian, our "leader" followed these two fools blindly. The US and UK have elected people who thinks they are the worlds police force, and that everybody on the planet wants to be a UK or US citizen. We elected and Australian who believes them.

One bad thing about democracy is that people vote with their hearts, even if their hearts are full of fear. The good thing about democracy is that people learn and get to change their minds.

After the next elections we will not have George W. Bush, John W. Howard or Tony W. Blair in charge of anything.