Friday, December 02, 2005

Yeah Sony

Mirrormask is to get an Australian release, yeah.

Well, when I say Australian, I mean Sydney and Melbourne

Sony are complete bastards

You cannot copy the film, you cannot get the film from the US(wrong zone) and we sure as hell ain't going to let you see it at the cinema.

Good thing de-zoned DVD players are all over the place and are here to stay, if the ACCC has anything to do with it, otherwise I'd never get to see it.

Human Rights

Mandatory death sentences are a violation of human rights. A death sentence does not deter anything. 14 Years, 420 people in Singapore, and people still smuggle drugs into the country. 29 years 1000 people in the US and people are still murdered.

The population of Singapore seems to be behind the mandatory death sentence and Howard seems to think that it will affect the people to people relationship between the two countries. Nothing official though. Australia and the world have imposed trade sanctions against countries for less.

If anything is to come from Nguyen Tuong Van's execution is that the Singapore government and people will learn that they cannot violate human rights like that and not, as our moronic Prime Minister suggests, that the youth of Australia will now avoid taking drugs.

There was an article in the local paper(The Advertiser) where a woman said they Nguyen should hang as her 21 year old daughter died from a heroin overdose. I wouldn't blame the drug smuggler, I'd blame the pusher who put her on to the drug(neither of them where Nguyen), but mostly I'd blame the person mostly responsible for her daughter's death, her daughter.

Remember, all of you remember, a drug addict is a drug addict by choice. Take responsibility for your own actions people.