Friday, July 07, 2006

Home Again

This puts a lie to the holiday blog, could be bothered really.

However, some observations about the latest trip:

We were told, on the flight to the US, that it is against the law to gather in groups of more than two while queuing for the toilets. It is part of the US security arrangements, I presume because terrorists first get on the plane and then work out what they are going to do.

I can see that security has been tightened up in Japan and the US, in Japan the security guards are conspicuous and your photo is taken unobtrusively going through the airport. In the US we are photographed, finger printed, interogated and at every check point my shoes where x-rayed.

In Japan the extended security measures where noticable, but didn't get in the way, in the US they created delays. Remember we weren't going to the US, but were transit to Canada. After the initial bullshit that went on, Bean insisted we get some buffalo wings at LA airport so I could remind myself that there are some really great things about the US, stuff we genuinely like. It worked; real buffalo wings whose sauce clawed your eyes out as they approached, and were so hot I nearly didn't finish them!