Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Ever had one of those moments...
We were discussing plans for house extensions and Kerri asked what we really needed them for. She thought for a second or two and said "Why don't you just move that couch around?"
And it works!
Kerri Valkova: Designer extraordinaire

Bean Hits 40...

...and to celebrate we had a kareoke party. Lots of people turned up and for the most part had fun. I was still suffering from a cold and Bean was still recovering from one, but people sang and danced lots. The theme was Berlin Cabaret, which sounded like a good idea at the time, but was not the easiest thing to define. I fell back on a costume I had seen someone wear at the Berlin Cabaret in the Weinmar Room in Adelaide.
It was hot, damn hot. Didn't fire up the brazier we had borrowed really did not need it.
Friends from Melbourne came over, some brought children, some a desire to shop and one brought knitting needles and she proceeded to knit a coaster from balloon ribbons. It wrapped up around threeish and little Nykita slept through most of it.

Home Page and Other Things

Our home page is here by the way.


Because I rant at people about my political views.
Because I Bean and I travel and it would be nice to type up a diary.
And simply because everyone else is doing it.