Monday, May 16, 2005

It's the Nazi Party

Why is it that there is such negativity towards the Japanese about WWII and not towards others?

Is it because of their treatment of their prisoners and members of the civilian populations?.

No, can't be. German's treatment of the Jews was terrible, but they aren't condemned as much.

Is it due to their revisionist history?

No, all nations are guilty of that one.

So what is it?

I have a theory.

Remember in WWI the Japanese were allies of England, and the German POW's kept by the Japanese reported very humane treatment. So what happened in WWII?

Very simply put the Japanese had a military, fascist government in power, they had tried the whole western democracy thing, helped along by the Japanese industrial machine that filled the gap in Europe caused by WWI, and an expanding population both of which required an expansion of imports into Japan and opened the Japanese economy to the Wall Street triggered depression (Another reason where share markets and economist should be outlawed).

This is the kind of social climate where fascism breeds. There were political assassinations and free speech suppression throughout Japan. The Nazi party was doing all this as well. Both were promising a new world order, both became allies and, with Italy, became an axis of power.

People around the world are aware of the atrocities of the Nazi party. People remember them with fear and loathing, but the Nazi party is not Germany. When we refer to the awful history of Germany, we point to the Nazi's, not to Germans, with Japan we do not have that direct a target, so we point to Japan and the Japanese. We know it was the fascists but we have no easily remembered, conveniant label for them

Just a thought.